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Health Potion gives you
a safety net in web3

Wallet insurance that protects you from phishing scams. Covers all Ethereum-based assets in your hot wallet 🔥

Up to



* Policies up to $1000 USDC
also available




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Protecting communities across web3

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Pay with crypto or fiat

You can purchase a policy in either ETH or USDC. Support for all major fiat currencies coming January 2023.

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Use your hot wallet with peace of mind

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We give back any money left over if our claims rate is below 3%

Your whole wallet covered

Any ERC721 or ERC20 tokens lost are covered up to a value of 1 ETH or $1000 USDC depending on which policy you purchase.

Protecting you with
Pocket Universe

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Simulate transactions in the browser

Health Potion 🧪✨ holders must have Pocket Universe installed to be covered

Health Potion has
you covered for the rest

Fight back against scams from wallet drainers to phishing scams
by insuring your wallet with Health Potion

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Built for tomorrow’s web3

Available today.